Director of Photography | Focus Puller

I am a London based DOP and focus puller. I am available for freelance work locally and internationally. I am fluent in both English and Hebrew and have a full (clean) UK driving licence and a valid British passport until 2017.

I’ve recently finished working on a commercial for Jaguar (‘Villain Academy’ starring Tom Hiddleston), DP’d by Alex Barber, shot on Alexa M and Cooke Panchros.The last feature film I worked on was ‘London Fields’, DP’d by Guillermo Navarro, ASC, starring Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Depp.
I was focus puller on a commercial for Royal Enfield Motorbikes, which was shot on an Alexa and a set of Zeiss Super Speeds and was DP’d by Magni Agustsson, IKS.
I also pulled focus on ‘Ben’ which was filmed on a modified P+S Technik XCAM 35 to accept a set of Zeiss F0.7 lenses (as used on the film Barry Lyndon) and a set of Cooke Speed Panchros, which was DP’d by Doug Milsome, BSC and directed by BAFTA winner Michael Stevenson. Another short film I worked on (‘A Better Place’) was shot in 3D using 2 x Sony F5′s.
Further, the commercial I worked on for the charity Orphans In Need, was shot using a Konvas 2m 35mm camera.

I’ve got experience working with the following cameras: Arri Alexa, Arri SR3 16mm, Red One/MX, Red Scarlet X, Red Epic X, P+S Technik X35, Konvas 2M 35mm, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Sony F5/F55, Sony F100, Canon C300, Canon 7D, Canon 5D MK II/MK III, Nikon D800 and a wide range of both manual and remote follow focuses.

Please check out my cinematography showreel below.

Recent Work:

Jaguar – The Art of Villainy – Focus Puller. Shot on Alexa.

Ace Cafe to Madras Cafe – Royal Enfield Motorbikes – Focus Puller, England locations. Shot on Alexa.

Lidl France – Focus Puller. Shot on Epic.

Khushi – ‘Phantoms’ – Focus Puller. Shot on 16MM.

The Substitute (Trailer) – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Lyla Foy – ‘Feather Tongues’ – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

And Not A Word Was Spoken – DOP. Shot on Canon 5D II

Evans Cycles – Summer TVC – 2nd AC. Shot on F55

Crazy Glue – DOP. Shot on Canon 5D II

SUSPECT – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Smokee – Rubber Bands Pop – DOP. Shot on Red Epic.

Mista Silva – ‘Greenlight’ – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Neuronspoiler – ‘Take The Stage’ – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

William Lawson’s – The Official #NoRulesCup – Focus Puller. Shot on BMCC.

Daniel James – Ain’t No Money – 2nd AC. Shot on Sony F55.

Orphans in Need – Winter Appeal – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Scarlet.

It Won’t Be You – 2nd AC/DIT. Shot on Red Scarlet.

It’s Too Much – London Tower Bridge Promo – Focus Puller/DIT (dailies). Shot on Red One/Red Scarlet.