Focus Puller

I am a London based focus puller. I am available for freelance work locally and internationally. I am fluent in both English and Hebrew and have a full (clean) UK driving licence and a valid British passport until 2017. I am experienced and confident in driving vans all the way up to luton sized vans.

I’ve recently finished working on the Dutch feature film ‘Prins’ shot on location in Amsterdam, directed by Sam De Jong, DP’d by Paul Ozgur, shot on Alexa. Another feature I worked on was ‘London Fields’, DP’d by Guillermo Navarro, ASC, starring Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Depp.
I was focus puller on a commercial for Royal Enfield Motorbikes, which was shot on an Alexa and a set of Zeiss Super Speeds and was DP’d by Magni Agustsson, IKS. As well as focus puller on a commercial for Jaguar (‘Villain Academy’ starring Tom Hiddleston), DP’d by Alex Barber, shot on Alexa M and Cooke Panchros.
I also pulled focus on ‘Ben’ which was filmed on a modified P+S Technik XCAM 35 to accept a set of Zeiss F0.7 lenses (as used on the film Barry Lyndon) and a set of Cooke Speed Panchros, which was DP’d by Doug Milsome, BSC and directed by BAFTA winner Michael Stevenson. Another short film I worked on (‘A Better Place’) was shot in 3D using two Sony F5′s.

As well as owning a Red Scarlet + a DJI Ronin 3 axis gimbal, I’ve got experience working with the following cameras: Arri Alexa, Arri Amira, Arri SR3 16mm, Red One/MX, Red Scarlet X, Red Epic X, P+S Technik X35, Konvas 2M 35mm, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Sony F5/F55, Sony F100, Canon C300, Canon 7D, Canon 5D MK II/MK III and a wide range of both manual and remote follow focuses.

Recent Work:

Prince – Feature Film (trailer) – Focus Puller. Shot on Alexa.

Symmetry – Feature Film (trailer) – Focus Puller. Shot on Red.

The Leap – Short Film – Focus Puller (B Cam). Shot on Red.

Jaguar – The Art of Villainy – Focus Puller. Shot on Alexa.

Adidas X Tate X Wretch 32 – When I see, I see me – Focus Puller. Shot on Dragon.

Appear Here – Focus Puller. Shot on Dragon.

Aquilo – Calling Me – Focus Puller. Shot on Amira.

Fiat – The Power of X – Focus Puller. Shot on Alexa.

Ace Cafe to Madras Cafe – Royal Enfield Motorbikes – Focus Puller, England locations. Shot on Alexa.

Lidl France – Focus Puller. Shot on Epic.

Protein – Beyond Gender. Shoot on 16mm

Oceaan- Veritas – Focus Puller. Shot on Epic.

Flyte – Light Me Up – Focus Puller. Shot on SR3 16MM.

The Substitute (Trailer) – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Lyla Foy – ‘Feather Tongues’ – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

And Not A Word Was Spoken – DOP. Shot on Canon 5D II

Don’t Put Off Getting Your Flu Vaccination – Focus Puller. Shot on Alexa

Kieran Alleyne – Runnin’ Low – Focus Puller/Cam operator. Shot on Red.

Khushi – ‘Phantoms’ – Focus Puller. Shot on 16MM.

Johnny Yates Says Thank You – HSBC Advance – Focus Puller/B Cam Operator. Shot on F55/Red.

SUSPECT – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Mista Silva – ‘Greenlight’ – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Neuronspoiler – ‘Take The Stage’ – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Epic.

Gengahr – She’s a Witch – Focus Puller. Shot on Red Scarlet / DJI Ronin.